Pay by Autodraft

Automatic Payment Program

The automatic payment program at SC Housing is free. There is no fee or charge for this service. Within 30-45 days of receiving your signed authorization form and voided check, we will notify you by letter when your automatic payment program will begin. You must continue to send your mortgage payments by mail until you are notified.

Getting Started

If you would like to have payments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account, simply follow the steps below, or return the automatic payment form in your coupon book.

How To Enroll

  • Use the Autodraft Form included in your coupon book or print the Autodraft Authorization Form: Print the form and fill out all highlighted fields. If the form does not automatically open, please right-click on the form name and select "Save Target As..." to download it.
  • Sign the Form: If the funds will be withdrawn from a joint account, all parties must sign.
  • Send a Voided Check: Along with the authorization form, include a blank check from your account. Write “VOID” in the center of the check. The voided check will allow us to activate your automatic payment plan with your financial institution. Mail the authorization form, along with your voided check, to:
    SC Housing
    Attn: Mortgage Servicing
    300-C Outlet Pointe Blvd
    Columbia, SC 29210
  • Copies: Make a copy of the form for your files.

Same Terms

When you pay automatically, your mortgage terms remain the same. The only difference is you will save the cost and inconvenience of mailing a check every month.

Payment Draft Date

Your payment will be drafted from your checking or savings account on the fifth (5th) of each month.

Payment Records

The monthly statement that you receive from your bank/financial institution will show the withdrawal from your account by SC Housing.