Income/Home Price Limits

How to use the Guide

Applicants must meet SC Housing’s first-time homebuyer requirements and use an SC Housing mortgage to receive Down Payment Assistance (DPA). This means meeting federal household income and home price limits for that program (forgivable or repayable).

To determine whether your down payment assistance (DPA) is forgivable or repayable, you must: (1) find the county in which you plan to purchase a home; (2) know the purchase price of the home you are interested in buying; (3) know the total number of people, including children, that will reside in the home, and, (4) estimate the total gross (before any deductions) household income earned from all sources by all adult occupants.

We suggest you begin first with the “Forgivable DPA” limits on page 2. If total gross household income and/or home sales price is more than the limits listed for your county, you are not eligible for Forgivable Down Payment Assistance but may still be eligible for “Repayable DPA.” Review the chart on page 1.

If the total gross household income and/or the home price is more than the limits on either chart, you are not eligible for SC Housing’s loan program at this time.

Please review our Consolidated Income and Home Price Limits for 2018 Guide for full details.