Becoming an Approved Lending Partner

An approved lender is an independent contractor authorized to originate SC Housing mortgage loans. To become an approved lender, you must complete and submit the entire Application Package with required documents listed on the Application Submission Checklist and execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

SC Housing lenders must:

  • Have a physical "brick & mortar" office in the state of South Carolina; Loan Originators must be employed and work out of those offices.
  • Have a minimum net worth of $1,500,000
  • Be able to originate, process, underwrite and fund loans in your own company's name

SC Housing lenders have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain eligibility to act as an originating agent for SC Housing.
  • Protect SC Housing's interests with respect to each SC Housing mortgage loan.
  • Ensure that all personnel with any responsibility for SC Housing mortgage loans are familiar with and comply, in all respects, with SC Housing guidelines, requirements and procedures.
  • Hold all funds or documents received in connection with SC Housing mortgage loans in trust for the sole benefit of SC Housing and release or disburse such funds or documents appropriately.
  • Ensure proper and efficient originating, processing and closing of SC Housing mortgage loans and delivery of all required documents and all other services necessary including interim servicing of loans prior to purchase by SC Housing.
  • Deliver all required documents (including but not limited to final recorded documents) after SC Housing mortgage loans are closed.

SC Housing lenders may charge the following fees in connection with a SC Housing mortgage loan:

  • Application fees in an amount not to exceed the amounts set forth in SC Housing’s Program materials as applicable.
  • An origination fee at the closing of a SC Housing mortgage loan not to exceed the amount set forth in SC Housing’s Program materials as applicable.
  • Any other usual and customary fees as applicable.

Lender Application Process

Submit a complete New Lender Application Form. We will process the application and send notification of our decision in approximately 15 business days. Please direct questions to or call 803.896.2211.

Lenders must also receive approval from SC Housing’s master servicer, Lakeview Loan Servicing.. You may contact Lakeview Loan Servicing directly at 855.253.8439 or by email at Upon Lakeview’s approval, the application is forwarded to SC Housing to contact the lender directly.

Contact SC Housing

For more information, please call 803.896.2211 or contact our mortgage specialists at