SC Housing Trust Fund for Developers

South Carolina Housing Trust Fund

The South Carolina Housing Trust Fund (SC HTF) is a valuable resource for developing and maintaining safe, quality affordable housing for low to very low-income households within the state. Funding and assistance for eligible home repairs and supportive housing projects are provided through three core programs—The Home Repair Program, Critical Home Repair Program, and Supportive Housing Program. SC Housing administers the HTF program in partnership with other government organizations, non-profit sponsors and affordable housing developers. The HTF program also coordinates its efforts with other federal, state, and local housing assistance programs to achieve maximum benefit for participants.

The Home Repair Program and Critical Home Repair Program provide financial assistance to help low to very low-income homeowners with essential interior and exterior home repairs to correct life, health and safety issues so that they can live safely in their homes. These programs help to repair or replace major housing systems, including roofs, water heaters and HVAC equipment. It also covers home modifications, such as ramps, to provide accessibility for persons who are disabled. A home inspection is conducted to help identify any additional repairs that may be needed to provide the homeowner with safe and decent living conditions. The nonprofit sponsor then coordinates completion of the work with qualified contractors. The homeowner benefits by staying safely in a home that they can continue to enjoy for years to come. Local communities also benefit by maintaining the supply of affordable homes in their area. 

The Critical Home Repair Program covers eligible repairs up to $30,000. The Home Repair Program covers more extensive repairs up to $75,000, including lead-based paint, asbestos and mold removal. Home Repairs under $15,000 are provided as a grant. Those over this amount are provided as a “forgivable loan” to the homeowner as long as they maintain the home as their primary residence for the set period.  

SC Homeowners who are looking for assistance to repair their homes will need to contact a SC Housing approved nonprofit sponsor whose service area covers the county their property is located in. For more information, click here: Critical Home Repair Program Flyer, Home Repair Program Flyer, Nonprofit Partner Program Flyer, and List of Approved Nonprofits by County.

The Supportive Housing Program helps develop affordable rental housing options for individuals and families with complex housing needs who may need support services to live independently in the community. The services are voluntary and help to improve their quality of life. The program serves individuals with disabilities, including those experiencing homelessness, who may need temporary shelter, transitional housing, or a group home.

Are you a community partner interested in participating in our Home Repair, Critical Repair, or the Supportive Housing Program?  Please email us at New Nonprofit Organizations may submit an Application for Participation at any time under the current program requirements via our Secure File Exchange. For more information about becoming an approved sponsor click here.

HTF Approved Nonprofits-Home Repair
Home Repair Program Information Flyer
Nonprofit Sponsor Information Flyer
2022 HTF Bulletin #1 - 6/13/2022
2022 HTF Bulletin #2 - 11/7/2022

HTF Home Repair Manual - 8/24/2022
HTF Home Repair Application
HTF Home Repair Application Checklist & Tabs - Updated 8/23/2022
HTF Home Repair Application Process Guide

Appendix A - Essential Property Standards - Revised 8/1/2023
Appendix B - Rehabilitation Construction Repair Standards - Revised 8/1/2023
Appendix C - Home Value Limits - 7/1/2023

HTF-1A Beneficiary Certification
HTF-1B Hazardous Materials Affidavit
HTF-1C Hold Harmless Agreement
HTF-2A Home Repair Inspection Request Form
HTF-2B Work Write-Up (Short Form)
HTF-2B Work Write-Up (Medium Form)
HTF-2B Work Write-Up (Long Form)
HTF-2C Change Order Request Form
HTF-2D Certification of Work Completed
HTF-2E Essential Property Standards Checklist
HTF-2G Notice to Proceed
HTF-3A Income and Asset Verification - 6/7/2023
HTF-3B Verification of Employment
HTF-3C Affidavit of Zero Income
HTF-3D Declaration of Citizenship
HTF-4A Draw Request for Payment
HTF-4B Draw Summary Form - 9/13/32023
HTF-4C Certification of Payment

HTF-5A Receipt of EPA’s Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right
HTF-5B Receipt of Pre-Renovation Hazardous Materials Test Results
HTF-5C Receipt of EPA’s The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right
HTF-5D Receipt of Post-Renovation Hazardous Material Test Results

2024 Construction Cost Sheet - 9/1/2023
2023 Inspector Zones - 2/1/2023

The Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders in affordable housing from across the State, as well as citizens who fall within the qualified income ranges for the Fund. The role of the Advisory Committee is to advise SC Housing of housing needs, to recommend to SC Housing those areas of the State in which affordable housing development should be encouraged, the types of housing development that should be considered for funding, and to provide other pertinent information to SC Housing as the members of the advisory committee consider appropriate.

The members of the HTF Advisory Committee are:

Charlie Irick SC Low Income Housing Coalition
Shawn Bell, ICMA-CM SC Community Development Association
Emory Langston SC Association of Regional Councils
Robert Thomas SC Association of Housing Authority Executive Directors
Dan Ligon SC Citizens for Housing
Yvonda Bean SC Housing Partnerships as a Nonprofit Organization
Vacant Board Designee
Elizabeth Taylor Board Designee

2023 HTF Advisory Committee Meetings will begin at 1:30 p.m.

January 31, 2023 - SC Housing Board Room - HTF Advisory Agenda 1/31/2023
May 30, 2023 - Virtual Teleconference - HTF Advisory Agenda 5/30/2023
August 29, 2023 - SC Housing Board Room - HTF Advisory Agenda 8/29/2023
November 28, 2023 - Virtual Teleconference

2022 HTF Advisory Committee Meetings will begin at 1:30 p.m. and held through Virtual teleconferencing until further notice.

February 8, 2022 - HTF Advisory Agenda 2/8/2022
May 24, 2022 - HTF Advisory Agenda 5/24/2022
August 23, 2022 - HTF Advisory Agenda 8/23/2022
November 29, 2022 - HTF Advisory Agenda 11/29/2022

Program Information 2021 - 2017

Questions regarding the SC Housing Trust Fund Program (SC HTF) can be submitted via email to