SC Help Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SC HELP Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did SC HELP close?
    The SC HELP program is closed because all of the Hardest Hit Program Funds awarded to the State of South Carolina to prevent foreclosures have been paid out to approved homeowners.

  • Is there a chance SC HELP will re-open?
    The SC HELP program has exhausted all the Program Funds provided by the U.S. Treasury to help eligible homeowners avoid foreclosure. The program will not re-open.

  • I am struggling to make my mortgage payments, what should I do?
    We strongly recommend contacting your servicer’s loss mitigation department for additional options.

  • How can I request a copy of my SC HELP Closing Documents or Note?
    Homeowners may request a copy of their documents by emailing or by calling 803.896.9200.

  • My closing documents listed $36,000 balance, why did I only receive $X amount?
    $36,000 is the maximum amount of assistance that can be provided by SC HELP. The actual dollar amount you received will depend on the figures provided from your lender.

  • My lender has requested a Subordination Agreement. What should I do?
    If you need to request a payoff demand, subordination agreement or short sale demand, please instruct your real estate agent, lender, or loan officer to go to our Payoffs and Subordinations page to obtain helpful information about how to request any of these documents.

  • How can I obtain a copy of my 1098MA tax statement?
    Homeowners may email or call 803.896.9200 to obtain a copy of their 1098MA.

Additional questions may be submitted via email to