SC HELP Payoff and Subordinations

ALL requests for subordinations, payoffs, short sales and deeds in lieu must be in writing and include all documents requested on the form.

SC HELP will give consideration to all requests, as long as the subordination is in the best interest of the applicant.

  • The new mortgage lien must be a rate and term refinance.
  • The refinance must benefit the homeowner with a reduction in rate, term and/or payment.
  • The source of financing cannot be a cash-out to pay off multiple liens, credit cards or fund repairs to the house.
  • If details of the 1003 transaction reflect cash back to the applicant, the amount of cash back must be within acceptable Fannie Mae (FNMA) limits.

Send complete package to: or fax to 803.551.4961. The subordination agreement, short sale or deed in lieu will be provided within 3-5 business days from the date of a complete request.